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Welcome to CUVS Veterinary Services, the largest family business in Northeast Stamford, Connecticut. Located in a modern facility on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, the CUVS has the latest equipment and expertise to provide medical care that is only available in a few veterinary facilities.

Stamford is one of Connecticut's busiest cities and also a creative neighborhood shopping center dedicated to interior design and architecture. Connecticut is home to some of the best interior design and architecture schools in the United States, and Stamford has become a hub for many of these schools, as well as other design schools.

Connecticut has historically had some of the most successful and successful interior design and architecture schools in the country.

There is space for private meetings and events at Hal Holbrook Hall, which can accommodate 250 people, and classrooms that can be divided into two smaller meeting rooms. The Palace Theater is home to the Stamford Center for the Arts, which is also owned by the University of Connecticut School of Arts and Humanities and the Connecticut Museum of Art. This theater is one of the oldest in the state and a landmark in Stamford, as well as the only one in Connecticut.

The bus is operated by CT Transit and the same bus provides access to the Stamford Center for the Arts, the University of Connecticut School of Arts and Humanities and the Connecticut Museum of Art. The same buses also run to Stamford High School, Yale University and Yale - New Haven.

Daily stops are also available in Stamford, and there are also stops at the Stamford Center for the Arts, the University of Connecticut School of Arts and Humanities and the Connecticut Museum of Art.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture has information on farmer markets in Connecticut, including holiday and winter markets during the cold months. Moreover, each area of the state is a completely different environment, so that Those looking for rural idyll or urban lifestyle will find both when they move to Connecticut. If you want jobs, housing and culture, consider moving to Connecticut to make your decision easier. Take the time to explore our website and call us with any questions you have about selling homes in Stamford, Connecticut.

The Economic Policy Institute breaks down how much it costs a family to live in each Connecticut borough, with Stamford and the Norwalk subway station being the most expensive. Connecticut also has some of the nation's highest property taxes; according to Bloomberg, the average annual property tax rate in Stamford, Connecticut, in 2018 was $336,692, the 12th highest in the nation. Stamford offers you access to a wide range of affordable housing, good schools and jobs. If you're looking for a house, check out the price of your town and take a look at our guide to the cheapest cities in Connecticut.

The state has the nation's third-highest per capita income, but moving to Connecticut doesn't come cheap. According to, salaries in Connecticut average $65,870, about $5,000 above the national average for a family of four. That's the equivalent of living in New York City, America's second most expensive city, and slightly more than twice as expensive as New Jersey.

Much of the increase was attributed to people commuting from New York City to Stamford for work and from Stamford to New Jersey for work, the report said.

From the late 19th century onwards, New York residents built summer houses along the coast, and one of the city's most important industries was merchandising on the water, which was possible because of its proximity to New Yorkers. As the practice became more popular later, there was also an increase in those who moved permanently to Stamford and began commuting to Manhattan by train, according to the report. About 1,319 of them moved out of Greenwich, but many of them moved to New Jersey, where the city's 1.5 million residents live.

Schwartz Design Showroom is the oldest family business in the city and one of the largest in Connecticut. The Museum and Nature Center in Stamford, then known as Stamford Museum, was one of the few rented spaces in downtown when it was founded in 1936, according to the report. Today it owns and maintains a collection of more than 1,000 works of art, as well as a library, museum and children's museum. Stamford Opera Company, the not-for-profit professional opera company founded by former resident of Stamford and New York City, John Ravei.

The Design District on Stamford Waterside is a creative district and shopping centre dedicated to interior design and architecture. The park's renovation has established it as a great location and source of community interaction, especially in the ever-growing city of Stamford. Here are five outstanding places in Connecticut where groups can enjoy the history, art, and culture that helped define the state's constitution. This educational and cultural institution was founded in 1884 as Stamford School for the Arts, a public school in Stamford, Connecticut, and has since expanded into a number of areas.

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More About Stamford