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COKATO, MN - Locals are raving about the arrival of a fish grill in the small town of Cokato at the Stamford Connector Hotel in St. Louis Park for the first time in more than a decade. Trina and her husband Chris and their two daughters Kaitlin and Katelyn go out for dinner every Saturday and Sunday.

The hotel is located in a designated area in the heart of St. Louis Park, just outside the city limits, near the intersection of I-94 and Interstate 94.

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We will make your bed as usual, but if you skip a week before the weekly delivery date of your upcoming delivery, you can skip the week. You can change your bed linen at any time during your stay, regardless of the time of day you arrive.

To protect the security, all guests must present a photo ID issued by the authorities, register at the reception and register before entering the guest floor. Guests who do not follow the policies and interfere with the peace and enjoyment of other guests must vacate the premises for a refund. The hotel is not responsible for any associated fees or charges, but if you register as a guest, we will be liable for any damage or theft to hotel facilities. Once you have been cleared by your bank or financial institution, it will take 30 days for the authorised amount to be paid out.

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More About Stamford

More About Stamford