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There are countless restaurants in Stamford, CT that will make your taste buds sing, and there are also plenty of options to see. With options ranging from casual dining to four-star dining, visitors can behave in any of the many restaurants at Stamford Bridge. But with so much choice, it's hard to decide where to go next. So we've put together a list of the best restaurants in the area to help you discover the eclectic cuisine of Chelsea and Stamford.

If you are planning an evening out in Stamford, read on to find out what to do and behave as you plan your evening. For more information on all the activities in Greenwich, CT, see our Greenwich CT Visitor's Guide for a full list of activities.

Forgive us for not setting up a bar, but it's time to confuse it with the perspective of a foodie. Before we start, we'll forgive you if we don't put up the bar and order a few drinks.

We can't keep our snobbery about food all the time, but it's a good idea to get pretty much everything on the menu. None of the chain's three branches have a single one, and we don't know where the sandwiches and soups are spiced up at all. Of the few sushi restaurants we tried, Fin II should do the best to serve a proportional amount of fish to the rice, which means an $8 soup with a side of rice and a small bowl of noodles.

Garlic naan bread is always served fresh and warm and is one of the best parts of the Tawa food. Navaratna serves authentic North and South Indian dishes, packed with spices in every bite, leaving a delicious taste. There is no better place to get delicious falafel or perfectly spiced shawarma than this restaurant. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Stamford, CT, Villa Italia is the place for you.

From fresh and aged cheeses and meats to freshly prepared mozzarella, there is something for every gourmet to discover. The menu also includes homemade cavatelli, handmade salads and home-made classics such as the Olio burger with Tasso ham and manchego. This joint offers a wide selection of dishes such as fried squid, macaroni and cheese, pasta, pizza, salads and more. The house's classics include olio burgers, homemade cavatellis, chopped chicken and cobb salad, as well as many other delicious dishes.

Visitors and residents of the Stamford area who like old-style pizza will not regret visiting Remo's. With a wide selection of pasta, salads, pizzas and burgers, as well as a variety of beers and wines to prepare bees, RemO's offers a culinary experience that is unparalleled.

Of course, there are many culinary experiences in our region, and many local restaurants deserve recognition. We recently reviewed Fez's Yelp page and were surprised to see that it has much more reviews, which means a lot more traffic. In addition, we analyzed Yelp reviews of more than 1,000 restaurants in the Stamford area to get feedback from guests, including locals and visitors to the area.

Try the dangerously decadent Lobster Macs and Cheese, it's as incredible as it sounds, and Remo's in Stamford doesn't disappoint. You can bite into a delicious wood-fired pizza with a rich, creamy sauce and a creamy cheese sauce. The excellent sauce with delicious melancholic cheese is the best pizza in Stamford.

Casa Villa offers a take-away service so you can have a little taste of Mexico at home. This market and warehouse in Stamford, CT, offer produce directly from farmers and a wide variety of food from local farms. Since 1919, this iconic roadside pagoda has been a popular destination for grilled hot dogs and other delicious food. Today, the growing business of mom-and-pop songs is one of the most popular restaurants in the Stamford area, with more than 100 locations in Connecticut and Connecticut.

A great option for Italian cuisine is Cafe Silvium, run by the same family behind the popular Italian Restaurant & Bar in Stamford, Italy.

The restaurant is open for dinner, lunch and brunch and has a fully equipped bar with a selection of wines, beers, wines and spirits. There is a fascinating raw food bar with a wide selection of raw meats, cheeses and other raw foods. Guests can enjoy fresh prepared specialties such as rolls, salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers and much more.

The Madonia Restaurant, named after the beautiful Italian mountain range, reflects the taste and atmosphere of the Mediterranean. If you don't like wine, the Napa Company also offers casks - aged casks of wine from its own vineyards in California.

Fez offers one of the best happy hours in the area and hosts a wide selection of craft beers, wines and craft cocktails. Fez is the perfect place for a late-night drink or a quick dinner with friends or family or for a private party with friends and family.

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