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If you read this, you probably know the truth about Connecticut: it is a beautiful state with beautiful scenery, good food and lots of great places to visit. Connecticut is home to some of the best outdoor activities in the country, as well as some great restaurants and bars, so there's plenty to do in and around Stamford this summer. See more outdoor activities in and around Stamford on Tripadvisor, or check out our list of things to do in the Ukrainian Museum and Library. Activities in Hartford: Connecticut's most popular tourist attractions, from the Connecticut Natural History Museum to the New Haven Museum.

Be sure to check out the Stamford Events Calendar and download a free copy of our Activity Checklist to keep up to date with the best activities in Stamford, CT. Visit Stamford Downtown to find out where to hunt, shoot, eat, drink, play, shop and more. Find more great accommodations, discoveries and restaurants in our regularly updated calendar, as well as searching for room rates. Before you start planning your trip, download our free Connecticut travel guide and search for room rates or find a hotel near you in Hartford, New Haven, Hartford or Stamford.

Tripadvisor shows you the most popular hotels, restaurants and attractions in Stamford, Connecticut, New Haven, Hartford and Hartford.

The Arboretum is located next to the Stamford Museum and is one of the most visited botanical attractions. Visit the University of Connecticut campus, where you will find an inviting art gallery and a variety of arts and crafts activities. The nearby Stamford Museum and Nature Center houses a farm, museum, art gallery and Connecticut State Museum.

The lobby, decorated in soothing forest colors, makes you almost forget that you are in a pretty big city in Connecticut. When you enter the North Stamford forest, you will find the beautiful Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Other great outdoor activities in Stamford include the adjacent Bartlett Arboretum and gardens, and exploring on foot or mountain bike.

If you don't want to commute to New York, you can find restaurants, nightclubs and other activities in Stamford. The rooms are clean and spacious, ideal for families who want to explore the area, including the attractions of New York City.

Children under 18 can enjoy an afternoon at the New York City Museum of Natural History for free. Time for a visit that includes a Sunday, the annual New Year's Day parade and fireworks in the park.

If you need home care for your elderly parents, it is important to call one of the leading health authorities in your area. You can provide a companion to buffer social anxiety in the new center.

You should actually start your day at the Connecticut Welcome Center, located in Darien, CT, three miles away. This boutique hotel is located in the centre of the city and offers guests access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and other amenities.

A stroll down Bedford Street in downtown Stamford seems like the perfect idea if you want to be a little more relaxed and quiet than the short drive east to Stamford Museum. In Stamford, you can swim at Chelsea Piers in Connecticut or work out at one of the many fitness facilities, including the Connecticut Aquatic Center, Stamford Fitness Center and Stamford Sports Center.

Greenwich is located on the shores of Long Island Sound and also offers a variety of attractions for visitors just waiting to be explored. The park is located in the heart of Greenwich and offers beautiful views of the Connecticut River and the New York City skyline. A perfect example of such attractions is Greenwich State Park, home to one of Connecticut's most popular parks, Stamford Park.

This Long Island Sound park is 79 acres and offers beautiful views of the New York City skyline and a perfectly stocked snack bar. Visit Cove Island Park or Cummings Park to enjoy a day at the beach with your family. Cove Island Park offers a variety of activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, fishing and much more.

Whether you want to see or do a particular outdoor activity or attraction, or explore nearby New York City, it's better to go in fine weather, so explore the wilderness of Stamford. Spend some time in Stamford and all the exciting outdoor activities that Stamford has to offer. We can't wait to hear about your adventures in Greenwich, and today I'm excited to share some of the fun things you can do around Stamford, Connecticut (recommended by Kathleen Grey of Stripes Denim). So, with your family, friends or just for a day of fun and adventure, explore the wilderness in or near Stamford.

Those who have never heard of Stamford will be surprised at what makes the CT such a great place.

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